Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun, Till My Daddy Took My T-Bird Away

Ah, that song brought a smile to my face.

Fun at conferences.

I believe it was making new friends, sharing a meal, and talking craft.
I met JL and several of her buddies at a conference. When we finally found a restaurant that would seat us, it was a truly enjoyable meal. One, I'd love to repeat.

Long time friend, Joanna Wayne and I ate breakfast, and as we were finishing, two of her friends appeared. She invited them to our table. The three of them were published, so I felt a little out of place, but then it was magic. We talked about everything, and laughed. One part of the conversation stalled when we tried to come up with a gracious word for a part of the female anatomy, then I came up with 'her happy place.' We roared at that one.

So, for me, it's making contacts with friends, old and new.

Now, you might be wondering why I have this picture of Rob Adkins, well, I purchased a life size stand up poster of him at RT in Houston. He stands in my office, giving me encouragement to write.
Or drool.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fat Tuesday - Some gals have all the fun!

These are some brave girls!

But Mardi Gras in Louisiana is always fun. Some towns, like Lafayette, usually have three parades on this day. The Kids, the Queen, and the King parades. Smaller towns have just one parade.

You hear kids and adults shout at the floats, "Throw me something!"

People throw anything from beads, plastic cups, small stuffed animals, candy, and even miniature Moon Pies. One year I threw out five thousand! My arm was sore for three days. It was so much fun. But not when it's raining. My feet were in four inches of water as the float didn't have holes in the floor to drain out.

It's a custom that has spread across Louisiana, even north Louisiana. Believe it or not, it's like two different states. The southern part is definitely French speaking, and just north of the middle of the state are the rednecks. (Sorry if it offends.) My daughter married one, and since he has that 'twang' when he speaks, sometimes I don't understand what he is saying, and that's just ten miles north of us.

I thought my grandkids would be safe from the 'twang' until I had to pick up my granddaughter at school when she was in the first grade. As I walked to her classroom, I could hear..."One, Two, But-ton My Shoe" all in the 'twang'--I knew she was doomed then. And yes, I wasn't wrong.


So have a happy one! We all deserve to have fun in life.

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