Monday, November 05, 2007

The "C" Word

I normally don't do things just because someone says I should. I've had mammograms in the past. It felt like I slammed my breast in a car door.

Not something I would want to repeat again.

Then in September, I felt something in my breast. I was in my doctor's office the next day.

Two weeks later, a mammogram. They've improved the procedure. It didn't hurt. Either that or I was so numb from two weeks of worrying that I didn't care. I did ask when the results would be available. Ten days or longer. much for early detection.

Two weeks passed. No word. I did get a bill from the hospital that Friday, then Saturday, a letter that told me to see my physician. Thank you. I love that extra worry over a weekend.

Monday morning I was lucky enough to get an appointment. Never mind that I sat next to a lunatic who was explaining to a young black boy what prison would be like. The man stated that he had never been in jail, so I'm seriously doubting his facts about prison life, but his toothless girl friend was chiming in with her three cents. I kept telling myself that this would be a good character study for a future novel.

Then my appointment time was up, only forty-five minutes late.

I brought my physician the letter. He hadn't received anything yet, so left me to my own devices while he went to check on the results.

I always bring a book to read and managed to get eighty-seven pages read during my doctor's visit.

He finally came back to the examination room, and told me that I needed another mammogram, but it was on the other breast, the one that I thought was okay.

This time I only had to wait until Thursday. This is the fifth week since I first saw the doctor.

The nurses at the hospital must have a special time for additional mammograms, as this time they were nicer. Which only made me worry more.

My physician's nurse told me to check in with her the week after my mammogram, which I did. I actually didn't get to talk to her, but I left voice mail. Twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

I got a call on Friday. Everything looked normal.

So, six weeks and two days later I found out that I'm normal. Well, my breasts are normal, the rest of me is somewhat undecided.

The month of October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, every time I turned around there was something in the newspaper, or on television concerning Breast Cancer. Can I say that I was very much worried during this whole process.

But now I know the drill. Get your mammogram done once a year.

It's in October.

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