Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

And I am. Chemo and Radiation are over with, just waiting to take another mammogram to see how everything is, which isn't scheduled until January.

Life is good.

My daughter's friend was diagnosed this month, but only has to have radiation, she's delighted that it's easily treatable. And so am I.

I celebrated another birthday, and find myself mellower (is that a word?) than I've been in ages. Maybe it's because I'm finally coming to grips with life and the lessons we can learn while we take our journey.

I'm planning my writing schedule for 2010, and it promises to be full. A screenwriting retreat is a definite, so is RWA's National Conference. There are several other excursions that I'm looking at, plus, of course, the writing.

Writing every day is a must, even on weekends. My weekend work will be at least a limit of one hour. The daily work must be at least one hour, but I rather do two.

There is a screenplay that must be done before the middle of March. It's started, I have a complete outline, just need a great title and the rest of the pages cranked out. My working title is: Sam's Story...LOL So, you can see why I need a great title.

Then there is my series contemporary story that I started this year and need to finish.

My middle grade story which needs some world-building, and I need to do some research. I purchased the research books, I just need to sit down and read.

I also want to read a chapter of a craft book daily and cull the neat stuff I can use.

Plus, I want to read...I have so many books and this year my book reading has been off, I've listened to a lot of books while driving myself back and forth from radiation. I keep a book in my car so I can listen to it while I drive instead of wasting time listening to music. I know, music isn't a waste of time, but my local channels only have the golden oldies or country music. Some of the books on tape/cd's are interesting, I tend to listen to thrillers, though I've listened to a mixed bag this year. I'd like to read at least fifty pages a day.

So, writing, reading, studying, conferences, retreats, etc., are covered.

But, and here's the big but, I also need to find an agent to represent material that is already finished, and polished. Egads!

But the time has come.

Have a wonderful, joyous Christmas!

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