Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Magical Spring Evening

My hubby and I have property in the 'woods'...acres and acres of woodland, ponds, and bayous.

The wildlife there is extensive. Deer, coyotes, racoons, beavers, rabbits, and egads! Snakes!

Some friends of ours are birdwatchers, and while I was able to identify and name two -- Joanne found forty-seven!

I won't even get into the flora...but one worker cut the red trumpetcreeper that drew Hummingbirds, which I don't see anymore. Anyway, it'll keep you busy for ages trying to identify the wildflowers and trees.

Not to mention our Tree Farm. I groan whenever I read 'save the trees.' Please write as many books as you can, so when we sell our harvest we can make some money.

So, the purpose of this blog...the other night I decided to stay the night at our camp. Of course, twenty minutes after I arrived and was fighting the DishTV to get something beside the blurry local channels, the power went off. So, it was twilight and I went on the porch. Lightening and thunder began to do their thing in the sky, then it ripped open and dumped a tremendous amount of rain. Catching my hubby crawfishing. So he took a shower in nature after crawfishing (meaning the water doesn't work in the camp without electricity, but he got the job done.)

We ate by flashlight, if you can call 10 million candlight lantern that he has a flashlight. It did the job on low, and lit up the whole room. If your hubby is an outdoorsman, get him a THOR-X. It will make him happy.

THOR-X finally went dim (mind you he hadn't recharged the battery for a year.) So, it was bedtime for me, no TV, can't read, we already talked for several hours and it was dark.

Then he called me to look outside. Being the dutiful wife (don't laugh, it's impolite.) I went.

There in the bayou, up to the top of the trees, were tiny blinking lights. Fireflies, or lightning bugs, it depends on where you grew up, but there were hundreds of them.

It was magical.

They aren't seen in town anymore. But now I know that they are alive and well and doing their mating dance on our property.

What does this have to do with writing?

I'm going to use this scene, somewhere, sometime, and I plan to use the magical essence of the evening. I hope that it will give a reader a 'happy' moment. We all need those.

I got my moment the other night.

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