Tuesday, February 03, 2009

PET Scan

The daffodils have started to bloom in my garden. There's nothing like seeing their bright faces around the yard.
The PET Scan was yesterday. A total breeze. While in the waiting room, our next door neighbors walked in, so we visited for awhile.
When my turn came, I was in a small room with a lounger chair, was given the radioactive drugs. Yet another needle injection. Then was told to relax until they came back, which was thirty-five minutes later. I know I fell asleep, thankfully, I didn't snore!
Then it was into another room where the scan is done. I laid down on the narrow table, a foam triangular pillow was put under my knees, and my head rested between a curved surface. A blanket was thrown over me, as the room was cold. I was asked to put my arms down with my hands on my lower stomach, then the man pulled up a velcro wrap that kept my arms in one position.
Asked to remain as still as possible, the scan started. It's a good thing I didn't weight five more pounds, else I might not have fitted in the tube. My mind wandered, I breathed as normally as I could, but did count three breaths where I took in more air than usual. The test took about thirty minutes.
Painless...and restful.
I'll find out the results next Monday.
Tomorrow is the installation of the Medport.



At 3:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Donna, praying that the result of the scan comes back clear. I'm sure there are many, many people out there who, like me, are sending out healing vibes on your behalf.

Tina Joyce Butts


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