Friday, January 23, 2009

A Pin Held Me Together

Last year at the RWA Nationals, in the goody room, one author had these as giveaways. There was a little cover of her book hanging from the pin. I picked one up as I thought it was a nice gesture.

Little did I know.

I had two, then one drainage bags for the past ten days. When I got home from the hospital, I used this pin to hang the bags on my pants waistband. It was the only safety pin I could find in the house.

How appropriate. I can't remember the name of the author, and really would like to thank her, for several reasons. Why did she use this as a giveaway? Was her book about a cancer survivor or did it have to do with her?

Whatever her reasons, it came to use. It reminded me each time I touched the pin, that I wasn't alone. Someone out there, a stranger to me, gave me comfort.

This cancer thing is so new to me. I have strangers praying for me, online friends reaching out to comfort me. Just knowing that there are people out there willing to share online hugs and prayers brings tears to my eyes. When you're most scared, you can rely on an invisible hug or pat on the back for getting through another day in a positive mood.

So, after yesterday's doctor appointment, the results are:


See a cardiologist, I have one of those.

See a nephrologist, I have one of those as well.

Get a port installed in my chest. Wouldn't it be funny later on to get a little pink ribbon tattooed there. I might consider that for later on.

Results of the PET scan determines what course of chemotherapy I will need. The radiation also depends on those results.

A nurse is responsible for making all my appointments, and from what I heard from my surgeon, I'm booked for next Thursday and Friday.

My hubby is feeling great that there is a plan in action.

I'm still feeling sore, and have great empathy for anyone who gets stabbed in the chest. That sucker still hurts. So, the cancer itself doesn't give you any pain, it's the treatment!

As for the lovely cancer pin, they are available from Oriental Trading. Again, many thanks to the author.

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At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lurk over at the Contest Alert loop and just noticed your signature line. What an uplifting blog entry, during what must be a difficult time. I love the story about the pin, and I can so relate to your hubby being relieved about having a "plan in action."

Healing thoughts and prayers winging your way!
Tina Butts


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