Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spring in Louisiana

We know it's spring when the crawfish come in season. Thecamillias were blooming for Valentine's Day. The daffodils came out a few days later. I love their bright yellow color, telling me that it won't be long until spring is finally here.

But, when they start harvesting the crawfish. We know it is spring and we get out the boiling pots.

Yesterday, we had our second boil of the season. The first boil was of crawfish that were won by our two year old granddaughter in a drawing held by her brother's baseball team.

But yesterday was special. These were 'our' crawfish. Grown in our own ponds, they are generally 'select' size. Meaning that every now and then the tail meat is as big as your thumb.

So, two and a half sacks of crawfish, a bag of small red potatoes, a small bag of tiny onions, a bag of corn on the cob, whole mushrooms, two dozen boiled eggs and the special sauce, add up to a boil.

Paper plates to hold the sauce, corn, potatoes and eggs and you're ready to go.

Add a dozen adults, fifteen kids and mini-corn dogs for the kids that don't like crawfish (they haven't tasted them yet!) and you have a fine evening in the breezy mosquito-free outdoors.

Jumping on the trampoline, baseball, football, playing tag and conversations are the activities of the night. That and eating.

It's when you enjoy your family the most. Tall tales are told, gentle sparring between the men and the women, it's all in fun.

When it's over, and the cleanup has finished, each family leaves for their homes feeling full, refreshed and loved.

Isn't that what it's all about?


At 9:31 PM, Blogger Angela Jefferson said...


CongratS on your GOTCHA win! I just found out by trolling SVRWA's site and I'm very proud of you.


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