Saturday, February 17, 2007

Organization is the Key to a Fun and Fruitful Life

And I have some land to sell.

I've been trying to get organized for ages. And it's coming together.
For my writing goals, I use this spreadsheet.

I also have a spreadsheet for each book. That's still a work in progress as I'm always adding stuff to it. But I love it. It keeps me grounded in the manuscript.

I have a worksheet for housekeeping. It's a real plus as I found out last year, we didn't get our health insurance premium due to Katrina, and were without insurance for two months! So, now I know when to pay that sucker, when to get my oil checked, my vehicle's yearly checkup, my driver license renewal, when to clean the oven, to take down and clean the hallway light fixture and clean out the fireplace ashes.
If I do four to five housekeeping tasks a day, my house stays relatively tidy, fresh smelling and company clean. A plus for any writer. Given the fact that it's detrimental to your health to sit for long periods, when I get up to stretch, I do a chore. While doing the mindless housekeeping chore, I'm thinking about what I should be writing next. A win-win project.

I also have a spreadsheet for the various loops that I promote. Writing Tips; Screenwriting Tips; Simple Abundance - The Artist's Way; Contests. All of these I use for myself and share with others.

Then I schedule extra stuff in a little notebook that I carry around with me. As I sit in bed at night, I plan the next day. I know that today I have to give my Screenwriting RWA Chapter some URL's for our new website. Done.

Write this blog, making notes of what to include. Almost done. Go to the PO to check and see if the last final round judge has mailed their results in, and if not, nudge her to get the contest over with. Process new moderators for two loops, where I finally get to bow out. Go grocery shopping for the birthday bash tomorrow, the menu is already completed, the gumbo will be made today as it always tastes better the second day...tomorrow. Oh, and write. This is my day today. And once I finish with it...I'll feel that I've accomplished something.

Listening to a Brian Tracy tape, he stated that all successful people plan.

I'm considered a success in some aspects of my life, but I want to be successful in ALL aspects of my life. It's a work in progress folks. I might never make it, but I'm in there plugging away.

And just to show you that I do have a 'fun' sense of humor, here is the eye candy for the week.

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